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A condom is a barrier device most commonly used during sexual intercourse to prevent pregnancy and reduce the probability of sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

The advantages of using a condom are that it can prevent not only a pregnancy, but also venereal diseases. Other than surgery, it is the most effective method of contraception. It guarantees almost 99% contraception if used properly. It is also one of the most cost effective ways of contraception. Condoms can be made of many different materials including: latex, polyurethane, polyisoprene and lamb intestine. The most common type of condom is made of latex because it is the most cost effective and elastic.

The use of a condom is the most recommended form of contraception and prevention of STIs.

Hankook Latex provides a variety of condoms in different types and flavors to appeal the many different tastes of our customers.

The types include:

Types of Condoms Description
Plain Type It has rib shaped curves around the side of the condom in order to maximize stimulation during intercourse.
Ribbed Type It has ribbed shaped curves on the surface and most users are in 30s. The ribbed shaped curves maximizes the stimulation during the intercourse to increase the sexual feeling.
Dotted Type The condom has hundreds of dotted projections along the side in order to enhance stimulation during intercourse.
Ultra Thin Type The thickness is 0.02 mm thinner than a normal condom. The thinness allows for a more natural feeling with the same protection you get from a regular condom.
Contour Type - The contour type has a contour towards the end of the condom to conform to the shape of the male user.
49mm Width The width of the condom is 3 mm smaller for smaller sized penis and for those who like a tighter fit.
Large Condom The width is 3 mm larger than an ordinary condom and is intended for users with larger penises
Probe Cover This is a condom without a reservoir at the tip. It is not used during intercourse, but rather on medical diagnosing devices at hospitals

It is a special type condom for the export and is manually manufactured; The process of making an exciter condom is different from the general process. The main purpose is not a contraception or prevention of venereal diseases but maximizing sexual feeling of women through various forms of stimulations.

HANKOOK LATEX has acquired international standards including ISO 9001, ISO 13485, FDA510K, CE0 434, CCC(China), SFDA, GOST-R(Russia), SABS(South Africa) and Brazilian certification and manufactured in accordance with those international standards.
Index Description
Colors Transparent, Non-Transparent(Red, Pink, Blue, Green, Yellow, Black, etc.)
Lubricant Silicon Oil
Standard Kinds 49mm Width Regular Condom Large Condom
Length More than 170mm More than 180mm More than 190mm
Width 49±1mm 53±2mm 55±2mm
Thickness 0.065±0.015mm 0.065±0.015mm 0.065±0.015mm
Weight Maximum 1.6 gram Maximum 1.7 gram Maximum 1.8 gram

Consumer Case Packing
Each condom is sealed in an aluminum foil packaging (square or rectangle) and come in 3 piece, 12 piece, 48 piece and 144 piece consumer case. There is generally 144 pieces (1 gross) in one box, and 24 gross/boxes in one master carton.

Foil Bulk Packing

Each condom is sealed in an aluminum foil packaging (square or rectangle) in a 1000 piece box. There are 6 boxes in a master carton.

Bare Bulk Packing
50 gross of rolled condoms are packed in P.E. bags after they are electronically tested. There is 100 gross packed into a master carton.