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Welcome to our new website.  Hankook Latex Gongup Co., Ltd. has revamped our website in order to affirm the superiority of our products and to better share our vision with our global customers.

The management philosophy of Hankook Latex Gongup Co., Ltd. is to assure the satisfaction of all our customers in accordance to the highest of international standards and regulations.  In order to achieve this philosophy, Hankook Latex Gongup manufactures and provides the best quality products through our professional training courses and rigorous and innovative technological developments.  Our main goal is to maximize customer satisfaction.

All companies try to provide products and services that will aid in improving a person’s happiness and quality of life.  Our company strives to achieve this in many different fields through our latex tubes, finger cots, and condoms.  Our latex tubes are an integral part in hospital operations and rehabilitation workout facilities.  Our latex finger cots provide the technological sector with the means to create and further technological advancements.  Our latex condom has a profound impact in enhancing a person’s life through contraception and the prevention of sexually transmitted infections. 

Our latex products have a profound and direct tie with people’s lives, so naturally we do our best to uphold the highest of standards.  As a true pioneer, Hankook Latex Gongup Co., Ltd. was the first latex company to register for a Korean medical supplies manufacturing license.  We have always aboded by all international standards and medical device acts, and take pride in our ability to provide high quality products and services since 1973.   Some of our many certificates of accreditation include: KSM 6632 (Korean Standards Associations 1989), FDA 520(K) (Food and Drug Administration 1990), ISO 9001 / ISO 13485 (International Standardization Organization 1997), and CE 0434 Mark (European Conformity 1999).  The certificates are proof of our excellent standards and constant drive to provide only the best latex products.

With the development of the ICT, FTA, and the opening of markets between countries, the world has become more integrated as one economic global community.  We will use these resources to tap into new markets and develop new relations.  In the future, we will continue our excellence by enhancing our company’s core technologies, creating value through the development of new products, and exploring new avenues to expand our global reach.

Thank you for visiting our website and we look forward to doing business with you.

Dukee Kwon, CEO